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New Community Web Site

posted Aug 2, 2013, 1:21 PM by Anas Youssef

Dear members of the IEEE Std, P2030.4 working group and members of the Computer Society’s Special Technical Community on Computing and Smart Grid,


We have a new Community Web Site, so new that we still have template material showing.   I need for everyone to go to the following and join the Computing and Smart Grid Special Technical Community (STC – CSG)


You will need an IEEE Web Account to do so. If you do not yet have an account you need to go to:


This STC-CSG web page will allow us to have discussions and post news and current events that are relative to Computing in Smart Grid.  We have a great Web Master in Anas Youssef and we need an Editor to help collect material to keep the webpage current and relevant. Anas can handle uploading onto the webpage. Any volunteers?


The one working group we currently have fully formed is the IEEE Std. P2030.4 working group. We had our first P2030.4 Executive Committee meeting  today.  And everything is moving ahead nicely.  We are forming the Sub-Clause Task Forces now, with the recently elected leadership. Contact the TF Chairs below if you have questions about or want to contribute to P2030.4  any or all Task Forces.


Very soon the TF Chairs will be requesting that you join their task forces.  But there is no need for you to wait for them to contact you.  You can contact them now at the following email addresses.


TF1 Chair (Design)                            Bruce McMillin


TF2 Chair (Requirements)            Nikos Hatziargyriou/Aris Dimeas


TF3 Chair (Specifications)              Tomonobu Sato


TF4 Chair (Metrics)                          Janet Marsden


TF5 Chair (Testing)                           Frank Farrese


TF6 Chair (Documentation)          Roghoyeh Salmeh


TF7 Chair (Safety)                            Hafiz Rahman


We still need to form working groups to maintain the Computer Society’s Smart Grid Vision (Chaired by Dan McCaugherty, and planning for STC-CSG’s contribution to COMPSAC 2014 (Chaired by Bruce McMillin, I will talk about these at length in another post.


Sorry some of you go this twice. Getting everyone in one place will help prevent this in the future.